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About AOS

Oncology is rapidly gaining acceptance as a medical discipline throughout Asia. However, there is a need to increase awareness that the research, epidemiology, clinical spectrum and, of necessity, management strategies for cancer in this region are different from those in Western countries. It was therefore necessary that we, as scientists dedicated to the research and clinical activity of cancer, should join together to establish the Asian Oncology Society (AOS).
AOS has served as a unified organization of APFOCC  (the Asian and Pacific Federation of Organizations for Cancer Research and Control) and ACOS  (Asian Clinical Oncology Society) since 2018. APFOCC was founded on the purpose of cancer prevention and cancer control policies by Dr. Kunio Ohta and others (Japan) in 1972 and ACOS was for clinical activities by Dr. Tetsuo Taguchi (Japan), the late Jin-Pok Kim (Korea) etc. in 1991. AOS will include every part of oncology as their mission ranging from basic, clinical research to cancer prevention, treatment, and education.
43 Asian local cancer societies from 14 countries have endorsed AOS and they have recommended 5 councilors and selected 1 board member among the councilors. The constitution of AOS was recognized by the board members during the AOS board meeting, which was held on June, 2019 in Korea and then AOS was established. At the meeting, the board members all agreed to recommend Prof. Yeul Hong Kim to be the first AOS President and then he was elected by the AOS councilors through the e-voting.
In June 2022, at the AOS board meeting and councilors meeting during the 2nd International Congress of AOS, Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida has been appointed as the 2nd AOS President.


AOS Executive Board

Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida
Prof. Han-Kwang Yang
Prof. Ying Wang
President Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida Gifu University, Japan
Secretary general Prof. Han-Kwang Yang Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea
Prof. Ying Wang China Anti-Cancer Association, China

Past International Congress of AOS

Congress Name Date Venue Theme Congress President
The 1st International Congress of AOS (AOS 2020 Manila) November 27 – December 2, 2020 Virtual (Philippines) Cancer Prevention to Therapeutics: the Genomics Era. Can we do better together? Prof. Gloria R. Cristal-Luna
The 2nd International Congress of AOS (AOS 2022 Seoul) Jun 16-18, 2022 Lotte Hotel Seoul + Virtual (Korea) New Era of Asian Oncology: Challenge, Cure, Care Prof. Han-Kwang Yang

AOS2023 Program Committee

Koji Kono (Chair)
Takahiro Asakage
Shigeru Imoto
Masaki Mandai
Kazuhiro Matsumoto
Masahiro Seike
Takao Takahashi
Michio Yoshimura
Takayuki Yoshino