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JSCO2024 will hold an encore presentation session (with some invited presentations). We welcome abstracts for this session as follows:

  1. Eligibility
    All first authors must be JSCO members, except for those submitting an abstract from outside of Japan. Abstracts should be submitted by the first author.
  2. Only presentations presented at non-Japanese conferences within the last one year(after October 24, 2023) will be accepted.
  3. Please include the title and date of the original presentation and the name of the conference, and clearly indicate that it is an encore presentation.
  4. Presentations should faithfully reflect the data and interpretation of the original presentation.
  5. If presentations are copyrighted, it is the authors’ responsibility to obtain consent from the copyright holder.*

    Please acknowledge the source of the original abstract and permission from the copyright holder at the end of the abstract body if the copyright is owned by an academic society or publisher.

    *In order to present the data at JSCO2024, the author must obtain permission from the society where previously presented, which owns the copyright.

  6. Abstract character limit and other requirements:
    Total number of authors
    (first author and co-authors)
    Up to 15 authors
    Total number of affiliations Up to 15 affiliations
    Abstract title English: Up to 200 characters (including spaces)
    Abstract body English: Up to 2,000 characters (including spaces)
    Presentation language English or Japanese
    Conflict of interest Presenters or speakers in the annual meetings of JSCO are required to confirm whether the first author has any conflicts of interest (COI) within three years prior to the submission of the abstract. (Disclosures are not required for co-authors.)
    For a detailed explanation of the COI, please read the abstract submission form and select the appropriate response to indicate whether you have any conflicts of interest. You will be requested to include a slide disclosing conflicts of interest at the end of the presentation.

    Click here for details >> Disclosure of COI 
  7. Abstract submission period: February 14 (Wed) - Noon, June 27 (Thu), 2024, JST
  8. Notification for acceptance/rejection of abstracts

    Notification of acceptance or rejection of the abstract will be sent to you by email by late August.

    Note: Abstracts rejected for the encore session will not be accepted as general abstracts.