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 The Era of Living with Cancer -We Will Live With Cancer-

 Ikuo Konishi M.D.,Ph.D., Congress President
 The 53rd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Clinical Oncology

Hello everybody! I am Ikuo Konishi from Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, and now pleased to inform you that The 53rd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Clinical Oncology (JSCO) will be held for three days at Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto) and Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto, from Oct 29 (Thu) to Oct 31 (Sat), 2015. I am very much honored that JSCO meeting, which receives a great deal of attention from all of the world not only by medical professionals but also by general public including cancer patients, will be held here in Kyoto, the most beautiful and historical city in Japan.

Main theme of our JSCO 2015 Meeting is “We Will Live With Cancer”. One in every two people develops cancer in our country. Since cancer treatment has dramatically been advancing, many patients have been cured or are living much longer with cancer. Many people are focusing on how to live and work during and after cancer treatment. In addition, recent development of genetic diagnosis is producing people living with the potential risk of having cancer even before cancer develops. Thus, we have actually entered into “The Era of Living With Cancer”. Hence, our JSCO 2015 Meeting will be open to the general public and to patients with cancer or after cancer treatment, and be organized giving opportunities them to know the recent progress of cancer treatment, care, and prevention, and also to discuss the above topics.

In order to facilitate more the knowledge about cancer and discussion for “Living With Cancer” in the general public, we have decided to hold a number of events throughout October 2015 in Kyoto named as "CANCER MONTH KYOTO 2015". And, our JSCO 2015 Meeting will be the highlight completing this event. For several years, we had the Patient Advocacy Lounge (PAL) set up for cancer patients to participate in JSCO meeting, and for this year, we are adding another opportunity for the general public, cancer patients, as well as cancer survivors, by opening up the ICC Kyoto Main Hall in the afternoon of October 30 (Fri) and 31 (Sat), to be able to learn and enjoy the lectures and interviews by celebrities.

The scientific topic of JSCO 2015 Meeting is "Personalization in Cancer Treatment, Care, and Prevention". For the past two decades, we have enthusiastically been involved in establishment of standardized medical care and clinical guidelines through creating evidences mainly based on randomized trials. Additionally, however, “Precision Medicine” based on genome evidence is drawing tremendous attention in the recent years. Rapid development of genome sequencing and comprehensive analysis on gene expression disclosed that each cancer in each patient has its own genetic characteristics and that treatment should be personalized based on the genome evidence. So, I sincerely hope that we will thoroughly expand on “Precision Medicine” in oncology during our JSCO 2015 Meeting, as well as look at the future on personalization in oncology.

Another topic provided is “Better Understanding of Female Cancer”, since I am gynecologist (!). Recently, governments are actively discussing women’s life and health in the era of gender equality. However, women are still left in a difficult position from a healthcare point of view, which includes cancer treatment, care, and prevention. Due to late marriage and pregnancy which causes the declining birth rate in our country, young women are faced to an increased risk of female cancer such as breast, ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancers. Fertility preservation before or during cancer treatment has also received much attention. Quality of life including sexuality after treatment is also important. Such topics will be fully discussed in various events in "CANCER MONTH KYOTO 2015" and also in our JSCO 2015 Meeting. I hope these events will provide as many opportunities as possible for both men and women to learn and think jointly about female cancers.

This meeting will further expand the international exchange between JSCO and ASCO, ESMO, as well as ECCO. We will invite famous leaders in each field from overseas. The topic of the ASCO/JSCO Joint Symposium is “Hereditary Cancer.” Genetic counseling, genetic diagnosis, prevention, and risk-reducing surgery will be discussed. Topic for the ESMO/JSCO Joint Symposium is “Guidelines and Personalization for Metastatic Cancer”. In addition, we will hold The 3rd International Conference of Federation of Asian Clinical Oncology (FACO). I hope this will establish the collaborative research programs between Asian countries, as well as the friendship among young doctors from various Asian countries.

In closing, welcome party will be held on the evening of Oct 30 (Fri), and you will be able to enjoy fantastic Sake produced in Kyoto. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at JSCO 2015 Meeting, during the most beautiful season of color change in Kyoto.