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To Presenters

  1. Presentation Formats
    1) Keynote Lecture (KL), Special Session (SS), International Symposium (TIS), ASCO/JSCO Joint Symposium (ASJS), ECCO/JSCO Joint Symposium (ECJS), ESMO/JSCO Joint Symposium (ESJS), FACO Symposium (FS), Special Seminar (SP), Symposium (S), Organ Specific Symposium (OS), Lunch Time Seminar (LS), Evening Seminar (ES), Sponsored Symposium (SSY)
    • Please make a PC-based presentation.
    • Presentation Time: Please follow the instructions of the moderator (informed by the secretariat prior to the congress)
    • Presentation Method: Please refer to “II-2. PC-based Presentations”.
    2) International Session - Oral (ISO)
    • Please make a PC-based presentation.
    • Presentation Time: 6 minutes talk and 2 minutes Q&A
    • Presentation Method: Please refer to “II-2. PC-based presentations”.
    3) International Session - Poster (ISP)
    • Please make a paper-based poster presentation. As well as the paper poster, please prepare PC data that can be viewed as an e-Poster.
    • Presentation Time: Free discussion will be held at a specified time.
    • Presentation Method: Please refer to “II-3. Poster presentations”.
  2. PC-based Presentations
    1) Data Preparation
    A: To those who bring presentation data by recording-media
    • Please check your data at the PC Center at least 1 hour before your presentation, and verify if your presentation work properly at the provided equipment in presence of the operator.
    • The following recording-media are acceptable:
      USB Flash Memory, CD-R (* Please bring the backup media in case)
      CD-RW, MO, FD, ZIP and Blu-ray are not acceptable.
      Please scan your media using the latest definition of anti-virus software, and bring it with you if not affected any viruses.
    • Please make sure your presentation data not bigger than 500 MB.
    • Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010/2013 are available for presentation.
    • If your data is made by Macintosh, please bring your own laptop. Your data could be shown on Windows PC,however, your data might be garbled.
    • Only the standard fonts of Windows 7 are bundled.
    • All PCs equipped at session rooms have XGA (1024 x 768) screen resolution.
    • If using audio and video in your presentation, please notify the PC Center staff when previewing your data. All related data need to be stored in the same folder. WMV format is recommended.
    • Your data will be deleted from the server after the congress has finished in a responsible manner.
    B: To those who bring own laptop
    • Please come to the PC Center at least 1 hour before your presentation, and verify if your presentation work properly with connecting your laptop and the equipped monitor.
    • The type of connector is MiniD-sub15 pin and other types of connector cannot be used. Please bring your connector if your laptop requires any specific connector.

    • Please name your presentation data as “(presentation number) (name) (venue number)”.
      Example: O2-2 Yokohama Taro 3
      Please set your screen resolution at XGA (1024 x 768).
    • If using audio and video in your presentation, please notify the PC Center staff.
    • Please remove screen savers, power saving settings and boot password in advance.
    • Please make sure to bring AC power code.
    • Please come to the operator desk at the left-front of the session room and hand your laptop to the operator at least 20 minutes before your presentation. Your laptop will be returned to you at the operator desk after your presentation has finished.
    2) Presenter Sign-in
    • PC Center #1: B1F Lobby, Conference Center
    • PC Center #2: 1F Marine Lobby, Natioal Convention Hall of Yokohama
    • PC Center #3: 2F Lobby, Annex Hall
    [PC Center Open Hours]
     August 28 (Thu) : 7:00 - 17:00
     August 29 (Fri) : 7:00 - 17:00
     August 30 (Sat) : 7:00 - 14:00
    * Presentation data for all session rooms can be submitted in at either one of PC Centers.
    * After previewing your data, please come to the next speaker’s seat at the left-front of session room at least 20 minutes before your presentation.
  3. Poster Presentations
    1) Poster Panel Specifications
    • The poster panel, as illustrated on the right, will be prepared for each presentation.
    • The abstract number will be displayed at the left-top side of the panel. Please prepare the presentation title, author’s name and affiliation (70 cm x 20 cm)
    • Please prepare your poster within 140 cm tall and 90 cm wide at maximum.
    • If you applied for the printing service in advance, the poster will be exhibited by the congress secretariat. (* You do not need to bring paper-based poster with you.)
    • In principle, poster data cannot be modified or replaced after the e-Poster registration period (including during the congress).
    • Any posters remained on the panel after the removal time will be discarded by the congress secretariat.
    Display / Presentation Schedule
    International Session - Poster (ISP)
    Date Display Review Free Discussion Removal
    ISP-1-ISP-31 August 28 (Thu) 8:00 -9:00 9:00-17:30 17:30 - 18:30 18:30-19:00
    3) Presentation Method
    • The poster session will not be moderated by chairpersons. Free discussion will take place in the area around the posters at a specified time.
    • Presenters are asked to receive a ribbon at the poster registration counter in advance, and wear it during the discussion time.
  4. Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest Related to Presentation Abstracts
    Cancer research through industry-academia collaborative study does not only return the results of study obtained through academic and ethical responsibility to society (public interest) but sometimes it also provides some reward to the scholar in the form of money, status, and rights and concessions (private interests). If these two kinds of interest occur at the same time with respect to an individual scholar, we call this a conflict of interest. In the October 2007 conference, this society adopted the “Guidelines on Conflict of Interest in Clinical Cancer Research” and, to ensure fairness in clinical research conference presentations, has required presenters to self-report conflicts of interest since the 2008 conference. In addition, the “Guidelines on Conflict of Interest in Cancer Research” came into effect from April 2013, requiring management of all conflicts of interest in medical research (life science research, basic medical research, clinical medical research, and clinical trials) as well as clinical research. Those planning to make a presentation at this conference have already registered the lead presenters’ conflicts of interests in the two years prior to abstract submission. We also ask you to disclose such conflicts of interest in the last part of your slides or posters in your presentation (The COI of co-presenters do not have to be disclosed). A conflict of interest arises when the presenter receives 1 million yen or more annually as compensation for executive and/or advisory roles, stock market return, or royalties, or a speaking fee or a manuscript fee of 500,000 yen or more, or research funding of 2 million yen or more from a specific company or organization. Please refer to the guidelines published on the Japan Society of Clinical Oncology website for further details

To Moderators and Chairpersons

Moderators and chairpersons are requested to take their seats in the specified location at session rooms at least 15 minutes before the sessions start. The session room staff will confirm your name and inform you of the information of the session if needed. Progress will be at your discretion, but we ask for your cooperation with regard to punctuality.